Our success is their success: alumni developing radical therapeutic innovations



GeNeuro is developing a pioneering new approach to the therapy of diseases associated with human endogenous retrovirus expression, including multiple sclerosis. A monoclonal antibody that inhibits the effect of the toxic protein on the surface of the retrovirus has shown exceptional pharmacological results, and has created real hopes of halting the progression of the disease.



GenKyoTex offers an innovative approach to the treatment of pathologies linked to accelerated cell ageing. It is developing inhibitors for NADPH oxidase, a class of enzymes implicated in cell oxidative stress, with diabetic nephropathy as the first indication.



ID-Gene is a company committed to developing novel DNA-based tests for environmental bioassessment and biomonitoring.



Epithelix is an innovative company specialising in tissue engineering. It offers a unique in-vitro form of human respiratory epithelium, offering an effective and durable alternative to animal experimentation. The company also provides high-volume molecular screening and testing services to the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.



Mintaka is a non-profit foundation based in Geneva and officially recognised by the Swiss government as being of public benefit. It makes the results of advanced biomedical research available to developing countries, and is developing microbicidal gels to provide women with effective protection against the Aids virus.



Drugdesigntech develops innovative computational solutions to support drug discovery, with a focus on knowledge management and decision support for both biologic therapeutics and small molecule drug discovery.



DepGen is a biotech company pioneer in the development of targeted therapies, based on the concept of dependence receptors, for the treatment of cancer.



Prexton Therapeutics has the mission to develop innovative drugs to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. Prexton Therapeutics has the expertise to design novel mGluR4 compounds as new treatment for Parkinson’s disease.



Calypso Biotech is an innovative biopharmaceutical company based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 2013 as a spin-off Merck Serono. Its mission is to successfully develop first-in-class antibody therapies up to clinical proof-of-concept by leveraging our expertise in immunology and drug development.



In collaboration with patient groups and other key stakeholders, we uncover the potential of existing molecules to address severe therapeutic unmet needs in rare diseases. Through the identification and validation of these therapeutic opportunities we address the translational gap in rare disease drug development. Thus, giving better chances for existing drug to reach these patients.



Apidel is a privately-owned Swiss company offering proprietary polymeric drug delivery solutions.



ObsEva is developing a novel generation of drugs addressing serious conditions compromising pregnancy from conception to birth.



NEURIX provides customized services including MiniBrains, our innovative in vitro neural tissues in 3D, to accelerate the development of neurotropic drugs and optimize the neurotoxicity chemicals testing.



The mission of the Geneva Biotech Center is to select promising compounds, ensure its development with financial partners according to the pharmaceutical industry quality standards, in order to provide advanced therapies, including rare and orphan diseases, neurology and immunology.



DermAbiotech is developing innovative therapy for the treatment of rare life-threatening dermatological Conditions



Chord Therapeutics is dedicated to repurposing the small molecule drug CRD1, under orphan drug/orphan medicinal product designation, to bring a new effective therapy to patients with life-threatening and severely disabling neurological diseases.



ARB is a consulting company providing business development and strategic services to the life sciences industry.



Octave Biotech Consulting is a business development & strategy consulting firm to the life sciences industry.



Kylys develops a novel generation of hyaluronic acid for the treatment of osteoarthritis.



HPlus Therapeutics develops small molecule inhibitors of proton channels for the treatment of cancer.

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