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Why bluebird and Celgene Should Worry About Amgen’s Latest Clinical Victory

At a recent scientific conference, Amgen shared preliminary data from five patients with multiple myeloma so aggressive that their disease didn’t back down after four to six previous lines of treatment

This is the first FDA clearance for Apple and pushes the Watch further into healthcare than ever before.

This is the first FDA clearance for Apple and pushes the Watch further into healthcare than ever before.

Novartis announces Alcon move to Switzerland ahead of spin-out

Novartis announced that Alcon, the eye care division of Novartis, will spin off to become a standalone company in an aim for the former to focus on growth.

BioInnovation Day, Nov 15th 2018, Campus Biotech

BioInnovation Day 2018 will take place at Campus Biotech, Geneva’s life sciences hub

Gilead and Novartis’s CAR T-Cell Therapies Approved in Europe

European Commission announced it has given marketing approval for both Gilead’s Yescarta and Novartis’s Kymriah

Eye exam could spot your risk of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms arise

A routine eye exam may be able to screen people for early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, new research has found.

4 Future Scenarios For Cell And Gene Therapy Adoption

Four very different scenarios are explored that could unfold over the next decade. Based on extremes, these scenarios will expand traditional thinking and help life science companies determine the appropriate position and strategy

FDA’s New Guidance On Replication Competent Retrovirus Testing During Gene Therapy Manufacture

The draft guidance document provides recommendations regarding the testing for RCR during the manufacture of retroviral vector-based gene therapy products, and for follow-up monitoring of patients who have received retroviral vector-based gene therapy products.

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